Line Hilton

 Voice Studios

I am a singing teacher / trainer / vocal coach and specialist in troubleshooting mindset, health and medical issues effecting the singer, their voice and performance.


Qualifications: MSc PAM, B.Mus Ed (Jazz), RN.
Membership: PAVA, BVA, MU

I am a very experienced singing teacher, performance coach and Performing Arts Medicine Specialist, who has worked with thousands of singers and singing teachers from around the world. I love nothing more than to share my know-how, extensive range of resources and experiences to help you optimise your singing and performance experience.

What I do:

  • Prepare singers for touring, shows, recording and auditions
  • Assess and triage singers who are experiencing health issues affecting their voice
  • Help singers to quickly return to singing after vocal injury or surgery
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that impact the singer’s singing, performance and career
  • Advise singers who have decided to forge a career as a working singer, teacher or music artist