Lesley Findlay

 Private Teachers

Lesley Findlay B.Music and Concert Diploma, Voice Perf.

Sing as easily and as naturally as you speak! Create at rich, natural sound without much effort!

Your voice was created perfect. How you use it may perhaps, not be. You can’t develop what you don’t understand, so knowledge is an important key to training outstanding singers in every style! Lesley helps you discover your voice and navigate difficulties in an easier way without changing your basic sound.

You will start with a clear understanding of the objective of each vocal exercise. Is it to work on phonation, anchoring, attack, support, resonance, high notes, or focusing the vowels to name just a few.

The more you know about your voice, the more respect you will have for its strengths and limitations. Developing a small, but important, working knowledge of anatomy and physiology related to singing is imperative to keep your voice in top shape.

As a teacher, Lesley is interested in the details; she helps you develop a subtle coordination between your vocal cords, your breath and your body. Every singer has a unique sound based on their bodies structure and some innate ability according to how they stand and breathe, both in speech and in singing.

Lesleys approach is to harness your natural ability and develop it, by making you focus on a few details at a time.

You will be surprised by Lesleys clarity and her simple, straightforward approach. She is a breath of fresh air in a largely misunderstood field.

Lesley teaches at two locations: from a yoga studio in Montreal’s Mile End district and from her home in Notre-Dame-de-Grace (Montreal), Quebec, Canada.