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Laura Long teaches singing from her studio in Belsize Park, London – working with both beginner and professional singers. She takes an individually-tailored approach with each person, whether it is technical voice work, performance related, original songwriting development, preparation for auditions (musicals etc), help with repertoire or simply singing just for fun – but most importantly – she aims to build confidence and ensure that each person gains an understanding of their own unique sound.

I have found Lauras Speech Level Singing lessons have really unlocked something for me. Its a great way of building up a strong and solid foundation for the voice, onto which one can then apply any direction of personal expression and improvisation. Laura is very focused in her teaching and has a great ear for picking up the subtleties, and working with you to refine the technique. I would highly recommend her.
Clare Gordon

Speech Level Singing is a fantastic technique that, with practice and patience, can be transforming – it begins by working through the bridges of the voice, where there may be shifts in tone or quality. Through carefully chosen exercises, the voice can then begin to make a smooth transition through the bridge areas to create one seamless sound. From there, exercises continue to build on the natural sound of each person, to create more strength, stability and expression. Exercises are also practised in the context of songs. This technique can be applied to all genres of singing, whether its rock, soul, jazz, country, gospel, r and b etc…