Laura Heales

 Private Teachers

Do you dream of singing? In the bath? In a choir? In a band or on the stage? Do you struggle with feeling secure in your voice, moving up and down your range, your confidence? Then maybe I can help.

I am a trained teacher (PGCE) who has also studied the Bel Canto technique for a number of years. My own teacher (Sandra Scott, Dip RAM) studied with Arnold Rose, author of The Singer and the Voice and I have learnt to use and teach this modern approach to Bel Canto singing through her.

Bel Canto means beautiful singing and focuses on creating beautiful tone combined with safe and secure voice projection. It can be applied to any genre of the song and can improve any performance. Most importantly, it instills confidence as it provides tools and explanations to deal with vocal difficulties.

So please visit my website for more information and get in touch to experience a journey of discovery in a supportive and friendly environment.