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We are a Company in Sweden supplying resonance tubes for the training of singers and voice therapy therapy here is a link to give a n explanation how these glass tubes work

I have also added a link to a video of this in use, although the video is in Swedish you can get the idea of how this system works.

The site is mainly in Swedish, but here is an English translation of the Phonation Tube page:

We at Scientific Lab Glass have been manufacturing glass for research and development for 30 years, and for the last 10 years we have also manufactured and sold phonation tubes. Fonation is a Finnish invention from the 60’s and ff is currently researching its positive properties. It started as an aid in the case of problems with the voice after illness or surgery or other problems that may occur with the voice. The pipes are used extensively by Logopeder across the country and it is also included in the training of Logopeder to gain knowledge about phonation. Nowadays, almost all of Sweden’s artist elite, choir and theater use our phonation tubes to keep their voice in good condition. When you fonce you massage your vocal bands, making them soft and tighter, the sound is getting better and the range is bigger.

Phonetic tube voice door
Important that you have a tube that corresponds to your voice mode

High soprano / tenor-260 mm
Lower soprano / tenor-265 mm
Mezzo / Baritone-270 mm
Alt / Baritone-275 mm
Contrast / Bass-280 mm

The pipe’s end 1-2 cm below the water
Usually use speech tone mode and normal voice power
Important not to take in or blow over
There is also information on Youtube with a film showing fonation.
Search Anna Lena Tideman el Fonation
If you are unsure how to use the tubes, do not hesitate to consult a speech therapist or voice coach
We only sell to companies / institutions
Individuals refer to reselling music stores
When ordering mail to or fill out the form on our website
The order should include quantity, size and delivery / billing address

Please feel free to Contact us on so we can discuss your requirements