Kasia Komosa

 Distance and Online Courses

Singers, did you know that you can get much better results and achieve your goals much faster by using innovative modern methods of working with your voice and body instead of traditional singing lessons – the kind where you sing a lot of scales and such? I did those kinds of lessons for over 10 years and I still had the same old problems! Maybe you have some of the same ones like:

– Things feeling strained, uncomfortable and lots of effort
– High notes being hit and miss or just impossible
– Not much power or depth in your voice
– Things not working out in tune
– Cracks and breaks
– Feeling frustrated, limited and unconfident

As singers we all really just want to be able to express ourselves through singing in an easy, enjoyable way and know that we can rely on our voices to sing what we want, how we want – right?!

What if you knew simple, easy to implement tools that transformed your voice, and you could see big improvements immediately? What if you knew why things weren’t working out and how to start changing them within a few minutes?

My students usually get immediate, noticeable results like:

• A big increase in the feeling of freedom and ease to sing
• The ability to sing previously strained or unattainable high notes easily
with power
• An increase in range both ways, high and low
• Increased power in the voice with less effort
• Tuning issues resolving themselves
• A new depth, richness and resonance to the voice
• An ability to easily sing in the style of choice
• Breaks and strain in the voice disappearing

To put it in a nutshell, everything feel easier and sounds better.

I know it sounds corny but it seriously fills my heart with joy when I teach you something and then you sing and it’s so free, resonant and powerful and you’ve hit those notes you couldn’t before. The best part is when I can see that you’re enjoying your singing so much more and really getting in to it because it’s easy and flowing and you can hear your voice sounding awesome.

The lessons are done by online video call from the comfort of your own home and you have the option of making a video recording so you can reference and repeat as many times as you like.