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About singing lessons with Jessica in Harold Wood, Romford, Essex.

We work with all levels such as professional singers who want to take their voice and career to a new level; as well as semi professional singers, hobby singers and total beginners. If you love to sing we are here to provide honest feedback and help you achieve your full potential.

Jessica Richardson is a Vocal development Expert, Professional Singer/ Songwriter and Director of New Vibe Studio. Jessica has an endless passion and energy for singing, performing and teaching; working with all levels from beginner to professionals she really does go the extra mile to help each and every client achieve their goals and dreams. Jessica has a reputation for exceeding goals with clients and achieving amazing results with their voices, often completely transforming not only their voices but also careers and lives.

Experience: Jessica has a vast experience within the music industry being a full time professional in this field for over 10 years. She is a professional vocalist who has performed at over 650 live gigs and is regularly hired to perform at “High Profile” parties. Jessica is also a creative and talented lyricist, who has written and recorded many of her own songs.

Techniques: Jessica uses some of the most successful vocal coaching concepts in the industry, combined with her own proven training techniques developed over the years, Jessica’s coaching offers the most comprehensive training available and has seen amazing results with clients. Because of her live performance experience she is also able to provide live performance coaching and audition training. Having transformed her own voice over the last 15 years and in the earlier years having faced some of the vocal and confidence issues herself that singers can go through, Jessica teaches not only from knowledge but also from experience.

Personalised training: The central and most important element is of course… you! Some coaches seem to forget that. Your personality, life experience and mindset can each affect your ability to reach your full potential either positively or negatively. This is why we work with the whole person in a way that suits your personality best 🙂