Jennifer Casby Singing Studio

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Jennifer is a certified level 1 instructor of the innovative technique Speech Level Singing (SLS) and teaches professionals and complete beginners. As well as teaching privately at the only SLS based studio in South Manchester/Northeast Cheshire, Jennifer works as a vocal coach in theatre schools and colleges around the Northwest.

SLS is a world renowned technique, endorsed by some of the most succesful vocalists in the Music industry – Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Josh Groban, Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, to name a few. This technique is hugely popular as it focuses on the function of the voice which can then be applied to ALL styles of Music.

SLS enables the singer to vocalise safely and effectively whilst developing and maintaining vocal flexibility and endurance. Our aim is to get the voice balanced so that it becomes ONE voice, developing a smooth transition from lower registers to higher registers. Ever found that you reach up to/down to notes? Jennifer can help!

Jennifer has extensive experience in training people of all ages and vocal abilities, both on a one to one basis and in group settings! As a vocal coach she provides a supportive environment where students are able to discover and develop their full vocal potential and their own individual artistry. With a strong background in a variety of different genres of Music, Jennifer has the skills to help any individual/group with upcoming performance/audition pieces.

Jennifer is happy to work with beginners, amateurs and professionals coming from all Musical backgrounds!

The aim is to equip you with knowledge and understanding of your own voice so that you can support yourself in fixing any vocal issues that you may be feeling at one given moment. Jennifer works on freeing the voice of any muscular tension so that the student can sing freely and focus on conveying the meaning of the song.