Jamie Read

 Voice Studios

Jamie Read CMT has been teaching for over a decade, and is one of only 30 CMT’s (Certified Master Teachers) of Estill Voice Training in the UK. He has coached TV celebrities, recording artists and leading theatre performers, and he is a member of the British Voice Association. Jamie is at the cutting edge of developments in vocal science and training, and is currently undertaking Post Graduate research in Vocal Pedagogy through Voice Workshop UK and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

An expert Vocal Coach, Jamie specialises in working with vocal health, helping singers and speakers to work through all manner of technical problems and voice disorders to optimise their vocal performance. He has a great deal of experience in the rehabilitation of vocal injuries such as nodules and vocal fold haemorrhages, and alongside a thorough physiological and pedagogical training, Jamie believes in a holistic approach to repairing and developing the voice.

Jamie has been running his private voice practice since 2005 and has coached well-known faces on TV, recording artists, principle singers in West End shows, musical theatre and acting students, as well as professional public speakers and voice-over artists. As well as coaching the technique and confidence in singers and speakers alike, Jamie is Director of Theatre Faculty at READ College and has worked all over the UK including for Voice Workshop UK as a specialist Belt technique teacher.

Jamie has worked on Estill Level 1 and 2 courses with Matthew Reeve (Mountview), Anne Marie Speed (Royal Academy of Music) and Charlotte Shorthouse (Urdang Academy), and in further education at The Henley College, TVU Reading College of Arts and Design, and many others.

Jamie has studios in London E1 and Reading, Berkshire.