Jacqueline White

 Private Teachers

Vocal tuition provided by soprano opera singer with B.A. Honors in Music.

I have always enjoyed singing and had been singing in choirs for years when I started voice lessons at age 16. I wasn’t so confident in my abilities at first but with the help and guidance of my teachers and friends I soon found my way back onto the stage. It was at university that I first experienced opera and I immediately fell in love with it! My first role was playing ‘Spring’ and ‘The Sorceress’ in Dido & Aeneas in my second year. Hooked from then I decided to follow up my dreams of becoming a professional singer at music college. There I found many other like minded people and worked with some of the country’s leading coaches and conductors, as well as amazing teachers.

Lovely as it would be to say my performing career started when I graduated and I’ve never looked back, I’m a pragmatist at heart so after my Masters I decided to do a PGCE. This was largely because I’d done teaching in differing forms and in various countries during study and work placements abroad, so I trained and learnt properly how I could pass on my love and passion for music to others. Since then I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing schools and choirs, developing a love of performing in kids that others inspired in me at school.