Huw Llywelyn

 Voice Studios

I am a trained operatic tenor with over 15 years experience. Until recently, I was a full-time member of the chorus of Welsh National Opera, and before that, for Glyndebourne Festival Opera. I have performed as a soloist in many prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, London, Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman and Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, and won many competitions and awards during my studies.

I have recently returned to North Wales with my wife and three young children after reaching a point in my career where I felt I needed to make a choice after a long period of trying to juggle between being a full-time performer with a touring company and devoting time with my family

Teaching singing has always been a field that interests me greatly since I began in 2009. Over the last few months, since leaving WNO, this has developed very quickly and I am now in great demand as a singing teacher in the area. As well as working at the William Mathias Music Centre, Caernarfon, and for the William Mathias Music Service, I teach privately from my music studio here in Bethesda. and work with a broad range of students of varying ages and abilities.

I work patiently and methodically ensuring that all my students have a firm grasp on all the important elements of being a singer, such as good posture, healthy diaphragmatic breathing, a sound vocal technique and guidance on performing and interpretation to name just a few. I attend various vocal workshops as I am always looking to expand my own knowledge of singing teaching, and to learn new things that I can pass on to my students. Although the lessons are very focused, my manner is relaxed and always good-humoured!

The current age range of my students is 6 – 72 and includes an operatic baritone, a singer/songwriter, a retired minister, a Gary Barlow impersonator and a throat Cancer survivor.

I believe that EVERYBODY can sing, Singing is proven to have social, physical and emotional benefits – go for it!