Heather Rice

 Private Teachers

Hey there! What lights you up? Puts you in the flow of some serious joy? I bet it is what you were put here to do. And I bet you are good at it. Lessons available via Skype or FaceTime from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

Maybe you do not know what you want and just want to run some thoughts by a coach. Or you have found your dharma, your art is calling, but sometimes it can feel like a money pit. Perhaps there is a way to monetize your passion so that it either becomes the way you put food on your table or at least pays for itself. The struggle is real, but maybe you just need a little direction, a different perspective that leads to actually doing what you LOVE with more ease and joy.

It has taken me a long time (and I definitely blindly bumbled as I was learning), but I have developed a successful career that I am so happy with. I simply could not love what I do more. I am a full time freelance flourishing artist and I can support my life independently in this industry.

As a woman, that feels really good. As an artist, it feels amazing, because I know how hard it can be and how tall that mountain can look from the ground.

After 11 years in Corporate Entertainment, a degree in Classical Voice, 18 years coaching others, and 22 in the Entertainment Industry as an artist, I have a few skills: Clear communication in the Art/Entertainment Industry, Promotional Content Creation (LOVE!), Web Management (Getting you out there on that internet stage!), Discovering your place in the industry. singing (pop, soul, gospel, classical, musical theatre, Jazz, folk), Piano performance, Songwriting, Voice Over, Recording Arts, Acting, and General artist development

What do you love? What art do you make? What seems immoveable or insurmountable about it in your minds eye? Yeah… lets get rid of that. Cannot wait to see you flourish!

Heather Rice