Hannah Moodie

 Private Teachers

Come and learn to sing, whatever your age, whatever your ability, whatever style of music you like, Hannah Moodie is a vocal expert who can get you sounding fantastic in no time! With several years of experience she has had 100% success with pupils who wished to take exams, and several pupils have gone on to win competitions and awards.

Hannah Moodie is both an expert singing teacher with 15 years of experience for both children and adults of all abilities, and also a qualified personal trainer who specialises in core function and postural correction in order to help singers get the most out of their bodies for optimal breath control and tone.

She has extensive knowledge of vocal anatomy allowing her to work with people who struggle to produce their sound with fluency and ease. As a performer Hannah is no stranger to the pressures of standing in front of large groups and dealing with nerves. She has techniques to aid with this and can work with you to alleviate difficulties in this area. Lessons will typically combine specific vocal exercises tailored to your needs, and masterclass style coaching on songs or arias.

Serving Notting Hill, Bayswater, Paddington and Kensington, Hannah will teach you in your own home. A keyboard instrument is required.

Lessons are priced at a standard fee of £75 per hour, or £55 for 30 mins.