Graham Case

 Voice Studios

I’m Graham Case and if you’ve always had a penchant for singing, you’re in luck! I offer singing lessons to pupils at all levels – complete beginner to advanced. Whether you love singing purely for pleasure and want to refine your talent, or if you would like to progress to the next level or whether you are awaiting an audition and need vital input that turns good singers into great singers – I am more than glad to offer a course or session that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

I have been teaching in Bath since 2007. I was professionally trained at the Royal College of Music, Trinity College of Music, the Britten Pears School and in Milan. I have performed as a soloist across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for various professional companies such as Pavilion Opera, the Vienna Festival and Dublin Grand Opera. Some of the famous places in the UK I’ve performed at include Southwark Cathedral, Barbican Concert Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Additionally I also studied in the Lee Strasberg Method and directed for the Travelling Opera Summer School. Whereas my own singing style is classical, my sessions apply to any style. My pupils are very important to me; I follow their progress with deep interest – how they develop their talents and go beyond their potential. To enrich my teaching skills and experience, I often collaborate with a psychotherapist and co-lead courses in self-esteem to give my students the added boost of confidently performing on stage.

My extensive experience allows me to work with and develop your unique singing abilities regardless of age, gender or voice type – and make it fun too! Please contact me to find out how I can help you enhance your singing talents. For more information about my services and to see what my students say have a look at my website!

My fees are £30 per hour. £20 per half hour.