Graciela Rodriguez

 Private Teachers

*****Classical Singing Technique*****

Singing Teacher Available for Private Lessons!!!

I am a qualified professional singer and teacher, I am looking for work as a singing teacher either at home or in private schools.

So… are you ready to learn a bit more of this exciting and beautiful world of The Voice?

Yes? then don't hesitate in contacting me, we will discuss your needs and see if I can help you. Among my students I have had all types of people and styles! from opera to hard rock, jazz to pop. Overall I always had positive results. The only thing you need to be sure about is WHAT DO YOU WANT?, to know how to make my way through it.

My background:- Diploma by the University of Vigo (Spain) in Musical Education Sciences. Post-Graduate Diploma by the Royal Academy of Music (London) in Jazz Singing. Diploma in Classical Singing by the Conservatoire of Music of Vigo.

I have done many courses in Classical Technique allowing me to achieve a good knowledge in classical and popular repertoire.

I have recently taken a masterclass at the Complete Vocal Institute, in London. This opened my views about how to deal with modern techniques.

I have done numerous seminars in Jazz.

I have been teaching in several institutions:- Public School Balaidos (Vigo): Music for Primary School. Catholic Private School Mariano (Vigo): Music for Primary School up to 2nd of Secondary. Musical Studies School A Tempo (Pontevedra): Head of Voice Department. Municipal School of Music (Tui): Choir, Musical Language, Vocal Technique, Music and Movement. Kings College and Faraday House (London): Warming-Up Vocal Techniques and Corporal Expression to a choir.