Glee Club UK


Love your voice, love singing… Basic and simple techniques to unlock potential and maximise the therapy of being able to open your mouth and let it all out.

Everyone is welcome and we are opening new clubs all the time, up and down the country. Its a real scream (not literally) and all our members leave our sessions with a huge buzz.

The clubs provide a fantastic opportunity for singing, laughter, education and socialising. During the term-time weekly sessions, members learn versions of favourite rock and pop songs in beautiful harmony. All clubs have performed for local and charity events since their inception and continue to raise money each term for deserving local causes.

Open to adults, aged 16 or over, there are no auditions, no solos and no need for previous experience or music reading. It’s a great way to de-stress, get rid of the blues and meet new people at the same time and, as has been proven, SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELLBEING!

Visit the website for further information and to find a club in your area.