Gemma Milburn

 Voice Studios

My training as a Vocal Coach is diverse and extensive, which allows me to really maximise the benefit that my clients get from each lesson.

As well as being an Authorised Instructor for Vocology in Practice, I have also trained with Speech Level Singing Master Instructors, attended Vocal Science seminars in Los Angeles with world renowned scientist Dr. Ingo Titze, and undertaken a Post Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy in conjunction with Voice Workshop.

I am familiar with vocal training methods such as Estill, CVT and The Alexander Technique and strive to assimilate my diverse knowledge base into tools that really work.

I became an Authorised Vocology In Practice (VIP) Instructor in 2013. VIP is ‘A Global Network of Elite Voice Professionals at the forefront of vocal training for today’s contemporary singer.

To this day I continue to improve my knowledge of vocal technique and spend a large amount of my time studying, reading, and exploring new ideas. I also continue to develop my own voice as much as I can.