Flying Colours Music

 Voice Studios

Flying Colours Music based at Wanaka Music Centre is run by musician and music teacher Diana Hickey.

I love singing and creating music, and am equally passionate about the joy others gain by singing and playing music too. With training in Piano, Cello, Clarinet and Flute, Speech and Drama, as well as a Masters of Arts in Arts Psychotherapy, assisting others to find their true expression is close to my heart. I am also passionate about exploring other musical instruments and modalities, such as sound track writing and music production.

It is a great privilege to work alongside students who are beginning to unfold their voices or musical personalities and I get just as much job satisfaction with the students who are polishing their performance, working on originals, solos or harmonies.

I have had the wonderful support and training over the years from charismatic teachers in New Zealand and Europe, and feel that the patience, skill and grounding I received from them as a student has set my own teaching standards at a high level.

I teach guitar and piano, as well as arrangement, encouraging students to write if they so desire. I also work with the voice, singing, harmonising, lyric writing and delivery, and public speaking. I assist students to gain confidence and skill as well as addressing performance anxieties.

I balance teaching vocal and musical technique and theory with practical training activities that support singers and musicians to improve and become generous and engaging performers. Lessons are 30-60 minutes and include exercises and skills development such as extending range, creating a clearer tone, musical dynamics, ease and flexibility through the range, being able to improvise and/or working towards the particular goals of the student and tackling songs appropriate to the skill level and preference of the student.