Ek Suhani Sham

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Jayesh is a vocalist with an extra-ordinary mellifluous voice and an endearing aura of charm and elegance.

His musical training had been under many Gurus like the renowned Ghazal Maestro, Shri Arvind Bhaat, and father of Arvind Bhaat. bahuguni kalakar pandit Laxminarayan Bhaat (from whom he had learnt Indian Classical and Light Music in the traditional Guru-shishya Parampara ). Trained in Hindustani vocal classical, he pursued a diploma (vocal) from facullty of performing arts india.

Private Music Lessons on the Internet

Traditional Approach + Modern Technology: The easiest, most enjoyable, most effective way to learn any instrument is with the personal guidance of a teacher who has already developed the skills you want to learn.

Learn how to sing properly with a technique that will last a lifetime; genres include everything from indian classical, light vocal, ghazal,bhajan, creative compostion etc. Learn how to increase your range, have a stronger voice, and eliminate bad habits that restricts you from your best as a singer.

We will teach you how to use, control, and keep your voice forever. We specialize in helping others understand and control their own instruments.

We will teach you many instruments also, piano, sysnthsizer, Guitar, harmonium, tabla.