Diane Severson Mori

 Private Teachers

I teach exclusively in person and if you are in Hannover, Germany (my location du jour), you can inquire about lessons.

I adore working with beginners. Not necessarily young people but also others who have never had any formal singing lessons, who want to explore their voices or contribute more to their choir, or even join one for the first time.

Based on my pupils’ rate of continuance and their enthusiasm, I believe that my teaching is successful.

If you would like to know more about my mentor, Cornelius L. Reid, and Functional Voice Training please see this Wikipedia article: Cornelius L. Reid

My Rates:

Trial lesson: free

Single (one-off or occasional) Lessons: GBP 40

4 Lessons in advance: GBP150

Monthly rate (36 lessons / year average of 3 lessons / month): GBP105

I do not conduct group lessons. I have, however, done choral voice training in sectionals. If you are interested in this service for your choir, please inquire for rates.