Derry Pope

 Private Teachers

Derry teaches one to one singing, tailored to each person’s needs as well as groups such as work and office choirs. Having qualified at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Derry uses exercises and techniques that understand and develop the natural sound of each person’s voice. So if you want to develop in classical, musical theatre, pop and rock or folk singing; Derry has experience to help you achieve your goal.

Whether it’s heavily focused and demanding technique for professional singers, or for those that simply want to sing for fun, Derry works with signed and non-signed singers, musicians, actors, talented natural singers with no previous formal experience and complete beginners – some who start out with pitching problems or a lack of confidence in their abilities. Derry is passionate about working with anyone who is curious and excited about the singing voice, and sees lessons very much as a ‘partnership’.

Derry creates a safe and relaxed environment – believing that to be the basis for the creative and technical work required for developing the singing voice. Lessons are very much about the individual – not just in terms of vocal considerations, but also in understanding each person’s specific needs, their own unique ways of learning and their aspirations. Some students, for instance, might want to switch from classical to contemporary singing, others may have found they can’t sing high notes with the same ease that they used to, while others might struggle with the feeling of having two distinctly different types of voice – chest voice and head voice, with nothing in between
Using exercises that are specifically designed to subtly negotiate, strengthen or smooth any voice type – and with patience, practice and persistence, the results can be completely transforming. Derry wants students to really understand their own voice and to feel free enough to fully ‘explore’ it.