Dawn Lesley

 Private Teachers

Singing lessons in Birmingham with Dawn Lesley.

I have been in the industry a long time both as a trained, ex professional singer, now teacher, I also compose music.

Lessons are tailored to suit students individual needs, so if you are a newbie, or just want to freshen up your skills, then taking lessons are a great way of reconnecting!

You can choose single sessions to start with or book a short series, whatever suits your pocket!

I work with all ages, styles and genres (not classical) so if you prefer Rock, Pop, Jazz, Musical Theatre or any contemporary style I can help with them all.

I work mostly A-cappella, but happy to use backing tracks if required, I have basic recording facilities for demo requirements, which is also useful for students to hear their own progress.

I also demonstrate singing in the session, it usually helps students to understand better if their teacher can show where to sing from and hear the variations in sound.