David Stinson Theatre School


David Stinson founded the David Stinson Theatre School seven years ago and it has gone from strength to strength.

Having performed around the world and on the West End stage, as well as performing alongside huge celebrities, David has a wealth of performance experience to pass on to his students.

He is also a determined entrepreneur and leads a number of businesses including International Performing Arts & Theatre; Phoenix Associates, and the Global Education Trust.

David Stinson Theatre School is known extensively throughout South East London in offering outstanding childcare over every school holiday (excluding Christmas). Offering full time holiday school clubs at just £85 per week, your children will receive excellent care as well as build in confidence and self esteem through learning through performing arts.

Our Saturday school based in Blackheath, London runs every Saturday during term time from 10.00am – 1.00pm and costs just £21 a week for children aged from 5 to 16. Our Earlybird Class aimed at three to four year olds runs from 11am – 12.30pm and costs just £12 a week. Our aim is to build the confidence of our students and teach them the disciplines of dance, singing & acting.

Each term, they work towards a show as well as gain the opportunity to take a Medal Test through I-PATH (International Performing Arts & Theatre). Students can also opt to take their Performing Arts exams through I-PATH should they wish to.