Core Singing

 Private Teachers

Private independent singing teachers and vocal coaches

CoreSinging is a trailblazing approach to Vocal Performance Pedagogy which synthesises performance, technique and therapy into a joyful new way of teaching and learning to sing.

Intro to CoreSinging: Singers, teachers and students can now have FREE Web Conference with voice expert Dr Meribeth from the comfort of their home, studio or workplace.

CoreSinging Teacher Certification encourages teachers to suspend judgement and teach without emphasis on getting it “right,” liberating teacher and student.

Visit the website for information on the online courses, events, classes, retreat days for singers and teachers, teacher certification, teacher mentoring and guest lectures.

Dr Meribeth Dayme is a well-known author of books about the voice:

The Performers Voice – available from and
The Singing Book (with C Vaughn) – available from and
Dynamics of the Singing Voice – available from and
Presence, Confidence & Personal Power – from and