Christine Samson Music and Arts Studio


Singing, Guitar and Ukulele lessons in Hong Kong.

The Christine Samson Music and Arts (CSMA) Studio is dedicated to providing hobbyists and artists from beginners to advanced with voice, music and performance training.

CSMA Studio offers a wide selection of flexible courses and lessons for those serious about their talents in Hong Kong. At CSMA Studio, we understand that every performer is a unique individual with specific needs and learning singing styles. As such, we strive to connect with each and every one of our students on a personal level so that we can design classes to meet their needs.

Perhaps you are someone who wants to take up a new hobby, or you are a person who simply loves singing and wants to learn how to control your vocals better. Or, perhaps you are considering launching a brand new career in music, or you are already an artist and would like to develop your skills further. Whatever your needs are, we can design a focused program tailor-made for your personality, skill level and goals.

CSMA Studio instructors are all experts in their fields and have been personally trained as instructors by Christine Samson and Krystal Diaz. We believe that teaching is an art as well as a privilege and we only work with instructors who follow our teaching philosophy. Our teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to support and encourage their students.

We also believe that students can only learn if they take an active role in the learning process. This is why we always encourage students to ask questions and share their thoughts at every step of the way. Moreover, we believe that learning is a life-long process. For this reason, CSMA Studio instructors are required to maintain their own music and performance skills through regular training. They are also requested to attend yearly teaching training workshops all around the world.

We offer singing / vocal lessons inĀ English, Cantonese, and Mandarin (PuTongHua).