Cath Coombs


Voice and music related education and educational establishments,

Very experienced, friendly Singing Teacher. You may wish to strengthen your vocal power and stamina or build confidence and eradicate stage fright. My comprehensive approach to vocal training provides guidance in essential technique fundamental to voice production and provides specialist troubleshooting help where necessary for each individual’s needs.

I specialize in non-classical genres. Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Folk, Rap, Blues, R’n’B, whatever your style, we can work together to bring out the very best in your voice.

I teach children as well as adults. When teaching young singers, it is particularly important that their vocal training is appropriate to their age so that they never strain their voices by trying to make an adult sound too early. I am fully CRB checked, proof of which can be produced on request.


I am also a professional singer. For more information, please view my band website: Cath Coombs and the Awesome Soul Collective