Calisthenics for the Singing Voice

 Books and CDs


William Hodgson B.Sc LTCL (voice and trumpet)

A structured exercise programme designed to develop the voice to sing authentically in any style.

Ideas developed from experience playing the natural trumpet. The ideas and techniques are able to to bring students from apparent tone-deafness to accurate singing of the exercises and then on to singing quite complex songs from the classical repertoire as well as musical theatre and popular styles.

The techniques can safely extend the range and abilities of established voices and I am now working on the development of the male voice up into the sopranist range.

I have now published this system as CALISTHENICS for the SINGING VOICE presented as

(1) printed manual with backing tracks on audio CDs and as MP3 files
(2) self-contained CDrom – work entirely from the computer.
The system is available for purchase.

The site has been considerably extended to include a limited access version of the CD-Rom as well as a section for downloading the MP3 accompaniment tracks which I have prepared to support the teaching practice by making songs with very complicated accompaniments available for home rehearsal.