Caitlin Downie



Caitlin is a Soprano opera singer based in London, she graduated from Royal Holloway University and regularly performs in her local area and teaches all levels and styles of voice.

Caitlin believes that singing is an important part of a persons personality and is the one of best ways to express feelings. She also believes that through singing people can become more confident and happier.

Caitlin is the voice behind the popular Sopranotron a brand new app and the first dedicated ‘virtual soprano’ instrument for iPad, allowing you to add the soaring operatic tones of Caitlin Downie to your recordings or to take a pitch-perfect ‘virtual soprano’ on stage with you!

Caitlin delivers innovative and creative vocal workshops in intimate group settings.

Designed to support aspiring vocalists, each three hour vocal workshop is expertly structured to enable every participant to feel that they are part of a productive and supportive learning environment.

During the workshops rhythm, aural and musical games are played with the session ending with singing. At the end of each session the singer leaves with a better knowledge of how to use their voice, an increased understanding of their musical depth as well as experience of performing well known numbers in new and exciting, creative arrangements.