Bumbunita Libros - Mariana Masetto

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It is a great pleasure for me to present this method for singing called Our voice has body. It is a coming together of music and yoga which I have been developing through my own experience, while trying to maximize the potential of the art of singing.

During my yoga practices I used to feel the desire to break into song. And while taking singing lessons sitting next to my teachers pianos, I used to get this urge to move and activate my body. That is how my need to unite both of my passions, singing and yoga, was born.

I took notes of my ideas and set up a blog. Now my work has become this book, with practical exercises divided into 5 parts and 16 chapters. Throughout them I present how to use physical poses and vocalizations to develop increased consciousness and balance when you sing, an idea that captivated me from the beginning, in order to achieve this state I call unity.


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