Born To Sing Music

 Private Teachers

Experienced singer teacher and vocal coach, Saphron Watson, provides private singing and keyboard lessons in Shropshire and has written several Books and eBooks to help singers and musicians.

An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians begins with providing information for the budding singer and musician on how to build a working band from scratch and how to keep your band motivated while spotting the early signs of would-be dropout saving you a lot of heart-ache and energy. Once your band is functional it will provide you with information as to how to get your band to behave in a commercial way and ways of advertising your new pop group. So if you want to keep in the lime-light this book will show you how. Once you start to write songs as a band also provides information as to who owns the copyright to the songs, and what happens, and much more.

Karaoke: Making Money From Singing
If you like so many other people; enjoy Karaoke, but want to turn your voice into a business or singing career… then this powerful book is what you’re looking for! You will learn how to convert your present You tube or social media audience into followers, and avid fans! You will also learn how to build, and market yourself as a professional business. This book is only just starting to warm up…! You will learn what equipment you need to get you started so we will tell you what you need, and what machinery that will work, and which will not! You will also find this publication packed with information on how to perform at big venues such as weddings, and where to advertise to promote yourself. Everything you need to know as to whether you need a manager to look after your bookings; and making sure you get paid after each show… is also covered. If you have been doing Karaoke whether down your local pub, or #You Tube or anywhere else, and you want to turn your talent into making cash then look no further! You will learn top secrets on how to make money not only from your voice but from your merchandise… There is no book on earth like this that teaches Karaoke singers how to move onto to the next level to making real money doing your hobbies.

More books by Saphron Watson are available at or eBooks from my website.