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Private independent singing teachers and vocal coaches

Since his arrival in New Zealand four years ago, Ravil Atlas has quickly established a reputation as an important voice in singing technique and performance. In addition to his extensive knowledge of classical vocal pedagogy and voice science, he is the only level three certified teacher of Somatic Voicework© The LoVetri Method which is dedicated to CCM (i.e. non-classical) styles of singing in the country. This, combined with his classical training, research, and extensive performance experience, gives him a unique perspective allowing him to train, not only singers, but teachers of singing as well.

As a 35 year veteran singer/teacher I understand what singers are searching for in their technical approach to singing. I am here to help you find your best voice! I use no-nonsense, clear, proven methods based on scientific fact and developed over hundreds of years. Most importantly, I work with the singer in a partnership that will leave you with a stronger, more expressive instrument and the all-important self-knowledge that will allow you to continue to grow and to meet all the challenges that you will face in your career.

I have worked with singers of all levels and in all styles. I have a Master of Arts degree in Vocal Performance from San Jose State University (US) and have performed the leading tenor roles in more than 70 professional opera productions, 5 years with Les Miserables (Jean Valjean) Phantom of the Opera (Ubaldo Piangi) and many regional musical theater credits. I have also sung with several professional choirs, most notably at the famed Teatro alla Scala and the world renowned ensemble Chanticleer. I have also sung jazz and rock professionally.

If you are fed up with all psychological manipulation, confusing vocal terminology, and the feeling that you're not making the progress that you want, and if you want to take control of your vocal development then I am here to help you.

I take students for long-term training as well as one-off preparation for auditions and up-coming engagements, offer master classes, audition technique classes, and group workshops for choirs, choral directors, and other voice teachers (mentoring).

I also specialize in role preparation for standard opera repertoire and musical theater.