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I started one week ago training at APPELL VOICE STUDIO with Thomas Appell. That very first day I hit an E above tenor high C in full voice and it was not hard! – Ben Zarai

Emmy Award Winning Producer Thomas Appell is the author of the book, Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? He has trained more than 4,000 singers how to extend their range and specializes in unlocking the mystery of singing high notes for every student.

You will also learn how breathe for singing, how to control your tone, how to develop vibrato and how to develop your own original style.

INTENSIVE TRAINING is available for singers who need to advance quickly. The first 12 hours of training is called the Fundamentals Series. The best way to take these lessons is 2 hours per day in 6 consecutive days. If you do this, immersing yourself in supervised training, the results are far more effective than taking one lesson per week, practicing in between, then coming back for your next lesson a week later. Not that the lesson/practice in between/lesson format doesn’t work – 100% supervised practice is better.

TRAIN FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Skype lessons are now (thanks to technology) almost as good as an in-studio lesson for vocal technique. The audio quality is superb. Skype lessons in China are as crystal clear as lessons in California. All sessions are recorded to an audio CD in my studio which are converted to mp3 files and sent to you immediately after the lesson using Skype’s free send file function. You can be practicing with your lesson exercises immediately after the lesson.

HOW DO I KNOW THIS WORKS? Easy, just read or watch any of the testimonials at the website. Also, listening to some of the singers trained using Thomas technique by clicking on the Audio Examples page or Video Examples page is a great way to see the results for yourself.