Anthony Wade Aka Dr Voice

 Private Teachers

Anthony Wade Aka – Dr Voice has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to teaching singers and speakers how to get the best from their voice. His ability to motivate, inspire and help his students cultivate a singing or speaking career has become a unique gift.

Dr Voice is no ordinary Singing/Vocal Coach, but is skilled in the art of removing mental blocks that stop us from reaching our vocal dreams and subsequently from our ultimate freedom of confidence as a person.

Dr Voice has taught and lectured all over the world, from Colleges, Universities, Drama Academies to Secondary schools, one of which for example is the world renowned Italia Conte performance school.

He has worked with international Football Managers, Solicitors and Barristers, Teachers and Blue chip company executives along with TV Personalities through to celebrated Pop Singers.

Dr Voice has gained a vast experience of diagnosing the varied and many thousands of vocal challenges that one maybe faced with, his fast methods allow an awareness to take place in the student helping them realise just how great a Singer or Giant Speaker they are capable of becoming.

His vast influence in the area of music and the speaking industries, along with the understanding of how the voice and mind works, gives him the credentials to help students take the right steps to achieve their goals in Singing or Speaking.

Anthony Wade has been referred to as Dr Voice for over a decade, the name was given to him and subsequently adopted after consulting as a vocal expert on television, radio and by the many number of students who benefited from his wealth of knowledge and experience on the voice.