Ann De Renais

 Private Teachers

Vocal training based on classical singing technique providing long-term healthy use of the voice.

In August 2002, Ann became Associate Teacher of David Jones and teaches the concepts of the Swedish/Italian School of Singing as developed by David Jones in the UK at her London Voice Studio. She teaches the operatic belcanto technique to both professionals and beginners.


I hold a degree in solfege (musicianship), First Prize Piano, Teaching degree (Royal Conservatoire of Music, Brussels, Belgium), the Post-Graduate Diploma of Vocal Training Certificate and the Techniques of Teaching Singing Certificate (Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London)

In addition to this I invest in on-going training with David Jones and several performance coaches in London and Brussels as a means to maintain, deepen and expand my skills both as a teacher and performer.

Ann works in close collaboration with Registered Cranial Osteopath Sylvie Leboulanger. When a singer comes to Ann for lessons, sometimes there are postural and physical issues to be dealt with that can’t be solved by vocal exercises. Sylvie has more than 20 years experience in helping to release these blockages in singers (and non-singers).