Alexander Massey

 Private Teachers

Singing Lessons in Oxford with Alexander Massey BA PGCE MA MSc

I have been teaching and singing professionally for 30 years. My teaching has taken me into the music industry and recording studio, universities, schools, colleges of further education, choirs and opera choruses, and professional theatre – as well as writing about voice.

As a professional singer (and composer), I have worked across the musical spectrum – in the classical world, jazz, folk, and world music, touring and on TV and radio. Solid vocal knowledge, including understanding the relationship between your vocal sound (acoustics), vocal anatomy, and vocal techniques (for all styles); microphone and recording skills; recovering from vocal strain; techniques for learning; whole person approach to developing the singer and performer (including overcoming performance nerves, putting a song across, holding an audience, bouncing back from negative vocal experiences etc). Studio equipped with piano, audio, video, recording equipment etc.

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