Alan Richardson

 Private Teachers

Hi there! I am Alan Richardson, Musical Theatre actor, based in London. After graduating from the Guildford School of Acting, with a Distinction and the Principals Award for Excellence, I have been working professionally in theatre for over 12 years.
Recently I gained accreditation as a Contemporary Vocal Tutor via The Voice College, receiving a Distinction in an Advanced Professional Diploma. I also received the inaugural P.J. Proby Student of the Year Award for my undertaken training work.

Well, this is all very well, I can hear you say: but what about me?!

Your voice is as individual as you are – as particular to you as your eye colour, the way you like to make a cup of tea and that scar you got from fighting with your brother when you were 5! Whilst most people believe that the eyes are the window to the soul; I personally believe that your voice is the way another person directly connects with you as a person: how you are feeling, what you want and what you want to say. Therefore, as a teacher, I pride myself at tailoring my vocal tuition to your personal needs and abilities.

It is your voice, you call the shots!

I will endeavour to be as helpful, creative and supportive of you and your vocal journey as I possibly can be.

I specialise in breaking down and making clear the processes of techniques used in vocalising; strengthening resonance; vowel placement and modification; register usage; and connecting acting with the vocal process for effective song delivery.