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Come and experience a confidence breakthrough session for overcoming performance anxiety – Tap into your full confidence for singing and stage performing!

Take action now and get yourself primed for giving your best performance.

You can benefit from one of my confidence breakthrough sessions if you want to experience more confidence in singing or performing on stage.

This personal service can help you to access your full confidence whether you are a professional or amateur singer or stage performer.

I will help you to overcome performance nerves, stage fright, mental blocks, anxiety, or reconnect with the confidence that may have been temporarily lost (through unhelpful past experiences whilst performing or due to other confidence-knocks).

I specialise in helping performers to access the calm and confident feelings needed to access their true talents and inner resources to be fully in the moment and performing at their very best.

As you know, the presence or absence of anxiety can be the difference between your success and failure.

It can also be the difference between delivering a medicore performance and one you are truly capable of delivering!

Usually I only need to work with you for one session for you to have the full confidence breakthrough that you are looking for.

Testimonial: Tony is The Magician. I have witnessed miracle transformations in my singers confidence levels as they have eliminated fears and anxiety. I recommend him to all of my singers! (Sally Rivers, Record-Label Acclaimed Vocal Coach, Coaching with Soul)

I have a small highly professional team who also work in this important area of providing confidence breakthroughs for singers and performers – and in the first instance, please call me, Tony Burgess onĀ +44(0)7989 469 570 to discuss your needs and to book a ‘confidence breakthrough’ session.