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Our site is undergoing a few changes but is now open for teachers to register and add their listing. Please read the FAQ for listing guidelines and instructions or use the contact form to request help in setting up your new listing.

We are in the process of transferring existing teachers listings from the old directory to the new one. If you are an existing member of the old directory, please search the new one first to check if your listing has been transferred. Note that whilst usernames will remain the same – we are unable to transfer passwords, so you will need to use the password reminder feature to reset it or contact us to see if your account has been migrated to the new system.

If you have registered to the new directory but are experiencing difficulties logging in to your account, please Contact Us for help.

If you are a visitor looking for a teacher, visit the catagories and locations sections or use the search form on the side of the page to find one in your area. Please note that we are still in the process of transferring listings from the old teachers directory which you may also wish to search.

Zoran Popov School of Singing

Zelda Sheldon

Zara Ashton

Yvette Cummings

Yuri Sabatini

Your Voice Studio

Yoga for the Voice

Woodhouse Voice

William Trotter

William Hay

Will Roberts

West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts

West Norfolk Academy of Music

Wesley Biggs

Wembley Drum Centre



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