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22 Coltpark Woods
Hamsterley Colliery
Newcastle upon Tyne, 0044
Star Vocal Coaching
Phone : 07748643020

Star Vocal Coaching

I am professional vocal coach and singer, and have entertained at hundreds of venues over the last 25 years, nationally and internationally.

I am interested in helping students sing all genres of popular music, and know how important it is to be versatile, and as an established and experienced artist I am completely in touch with the entertainment industry in the North East as it stands.

I have studied the voice closely and have developed my own voice so that it is versatile enough to cover almost all genres of music, and can therefore assist students using established vocal techniques, deal with the current demands of becoming a singer, or maintaining their popularity by expanding on singing styles as an already established artist, as up and coming acts emerge, bringing with it new demands of a singer that wants to perform cover songs or originals. I am also able to look at the performance aspects of singing, as well as general presentation of self, depending on your own goals. I currently teach all ages of students privately from my home, where I have PA facilities and a teaching area, and I have much experience in teaching in schools, helping students progress and pass their rockschool grades from ages 8 to 18.

Whilst continuing my singing career, I studied at university and I have a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Occupational Therapy and until I decided to teach singing on a full-time basis in December 2011, had been practising OT for 8 years in mental health, where I have a particular interest in using the occupation of singing as a means of becoming healthy. Singing is an occupational habit that hundreds of thousands of people in Britain alone enjoy so much. Singing, or being a singer is how many people would like to describe themselves as who they are. Being in the singing world can make a person feel themselves, have a sense of identity, can help express themselves, and help them feel comfortable in their own skins no matter what their age!

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