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A selection of user submitted Singers Questions on a range of voice related subjects that were posted in our courses section. Please note that some of the responses are by other users who offered their unqualified opinion as well as answers by some of the teachers listed on the directory. The old forum had a variety of interesting topics that we have transferred here to help singers find answers to common issues. Links with ***** next to them indicate comprehensive and/or informative discussions.

16 Year Old Son Singing Discomfort  by Ericka Hardy
A little confused by Louise A
A little help required by Stephen Wood
Alto Soprano by Donna Weekes
Am I Doing It Right? by Jonathan Garcia A
Anyone have input by Tom L
Attack by Karine Decourcelle
Audition Advice by Amanda Taylor
Audition Help by Carin Chan
Audition Song by Talya-Rose Varga
Auditions and agencies by Abby Jacobson
Basic Vocal Training by Hani Hijaz
Belting by Jamie Taylor
Benefits of Accreditation by Ann T

Big Voice Out Of Control by Vickie Clarke
Bit of a problem by Will Millar
Bleat by Lucy Love

Breath by Lucy Love
Breath Exercises Help by Lorenzo Ortiz
Breathing by Chloe Smith
Breathing Problems Help by Samuel Lazcano
Can I Be Successful Choirist in Malaysia by Yu Li Hoe
Changing Voice in Females by Vickie Clarke

Chesty Cough by William Steer
Classical Singing by Lucy Love
Colour of Voice by Zeze
Confused about sheet music by Suzanne Crane
Confused about singing lessons
by Elaine Deegan
Controlling Vibrato by Darina Borst
Dark and Bright Vowels by Lucy Love 
Detailed diagram of respiritory system by Claire Hornby
Different styles of singing
by Mallie-Rose Tucker
Difficulty with nerves and sore throat by David MR
Disaster by Stadik Oober

Dont Like My Own Voice by Dennis N

Entertainment Agents by Vickie Clarke
Exercises by Bruce Becker

Extending My Range by Lucy White
Finding bits of my larynx by Vickie Clarke
Finding My Voice by Lewis Brown

Genuine teacher by Angela Montgomery
Getting into Backing Singing by Jeannette Mines
Gig Preparation by Lewis Brown

Godspell Alas For You Help by Matthew Gawel
Growls by Tamara Dulic

Head Voice and Falsetto by Jon Busch *****
Head voice by Joy Chen
Heavily mixed voice by Yi
Help by Evelyn Opoku-Agyeman
Help identifying different registers by Lig Ron

HELP me to get a qualification by Debra Byrne
Helppp by Megan Ramsey
Help picking a vocal coach by Sabrina Chai
HELP! Training the Male Voice by Craig C. S,
Higher pitch than falsetto by Vagrant User
Holding the diaphragm down by Lucy Love
How can I warm up to full range by Michael Jones

How do I become a private singing teacher by Michelle Presland
How do I improve my voice by Peter Cumming
How do i make my voice deeper and more mature by Lucy Dinnage
How do singers handle an entire tour by Pinar Ustun
How to cure pitch problem by Yu Li Hoe
How to get started as a singing teacher by Claire Hornby

How to prepare for concert dates by All 4Him
How to regain lost falsetto by Matthias Wee
I Can't Sing by Philip Allen

I Love Singing by Melanie Eppens
I need help to read music by Gaynor Morgan
I want to be heard by Graham Parkinson
Improving Range by Sean Totino
In need of advice by John KuyKendall 
Increasing my Chest Voice Range by Pat Fagan
Increasing Vocal Range by Jennie Speakman
Integrative Vocal Training by Eva
Just sang as a laugh by Jaabir Ramlugon

Just starting again by Dana Brewer
Knowing the sung note by Domenico Stellato
Larynx exercises by Brent Asdf  
Life-long learning by Joel Katz
Lost It by Zelda Goblin

Lost my falsetto by Thespius Lawerowski 

Lost Part of Range by Marie J
Make my high range sound pretty by Vickie Clarke  
Maybe I'll try this again by Steve Poland
Mental and Emotional Stress by Zelda Goblin
Morning Vocal Range by Angie L

My niece by Graham Parkinson
Need help on vibrato by Cynthia Hamilton

Needles in really big hay stacks by Louise A
Nerves by Anna Sharp
New singer by Jorge Bestard
New Singer by Casey Bennett
NLP by Vickie Clarke

Nodules by Yi *****
Opening the Resonating Chamber by Victoria Qualis
Overuse Thickened Vocal Chords by Vickie Clarke 
Pharygeal Cavity by Vickie Clarke
Pre Menstral Swelling of Vocal Folds by Vickie Clarke
Pre Recording Panic by Mark McKay *****
Pyschological Downward Spiral by Duff Man
Question about a technical term by Heather McCloud
Reaching the peak of my voice by Alvin Aleria
Restricted by imkid5
Rock Technique by Nikki Jane

Screaming by Dave Holmes
Self Study searching for advice and critique by N Not
Singing Confidence by Samantha Ellul
Singing High Notes by Catie Brennan
Singing Low Notes by Deke Roberts
Singing Higher by Pat Fagan
Singing Teachers by Talya-Rose Varga
Singing Through Tears by Maxine Smith
Soft palate by Dale Newton
Stable Larynx by Johannes Holmberg
Teaching a choir by Julie Skinner
Teaching kids age 9-14 by David MR
The Fastest Singing Program In The World by Arthur Brown
The Jaw by Frith Trezevant
Throat by Farha Osman
Throat Sprays by Vickie Clarke
Tilting Not Tilting by Lucy Love 
Treatment of Throat and Voice Disorders by Ella T Thailand
Upper ranges for males by Christopher Schwarz
Vocal Strength by Angie L

Vocal Tremor and improving top range by Kerrie Macartney
Voice Coach by Joyce Joy
Voice Lesson Gone Wrong by Joe Gargano
Voice Recovery by Harpreet Ghataore

Vowel Sounds by Derek Harky
Warm Up Help by Christina Clements

What am i doing wrong by Treschanna Green
What do nodes feel like by Paul Montes
What has happened to my voice by Julie McCracken
What is my vocal range help by Mel McCrystal
What is my voice doing? by Christina Clements
What is required to be a singing teacher by Blair Kelly
Will woman eventually change voice by Yu Li Hoe

Will I Adapt A Better Range by Joe Aug


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