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How To Find A Singing Teacher

So you want to learn to sing! How do you find a singing teacher in your area? 

The Singing Teachers Directory is available to search, click here to find a voice teacher or performance arts school! 

Before you rush off to contact a teacher.....Are you prepared to work hard and understand that it takes time and patience? And that you may not realise your ambition to be a singer for several years? If you are still keen to proceed then grab a pen and paper - you will be asked several questions by a potential teacher i.e., 
1. Are you a complete beginner or have you sung before? 
2. Do you belong to a group, choir, operatic society? 
3. What type of music are you interested in & what style of songs do you want to sing? 

Once you start lessons it can take around three months before you see any progress - depending on your current ability and how much work YOU put in. During this time you should begin to find it easier to sing higher or lower. Your breathing and posture and the sound you produce should improve. 

There are plenty of resources for finding singing teachers and vocal coaches although it may take some research via internet, local library or music shops to find someone suitable.  Recommendation from a current or previous pupil is always a good guide to their proficiency, especially if you can see their protege's work live. 

You may have to try several teachers before you find one that you feel comfortable with and who understands your style of music. Some tutors run courses and workshops or offer a discounted fee for shared classes that are worth trying before booking a private lesson. 

The Database contains links to online resources providing vocal organisations who you can contact for a list of members or to join plus books, magazines and periodicals who supply information for teachers, and list singing courses and workshops. 

The Register of Professional Private Music Teachers is usually available at your local library and may also contain courses & workshops. For information about local tutors search the Singing Teachers Directory

Other useful teachers listings sites and useful resources for finding a vocal coach or singing teacher include the Yellow Pages, your local library and the local press.  Music Teacher Magazine (published monthly by Rhinegold Publishing) carries a detailed list of summer school courses in the February issue each year. 

Organisations like the Musicians Union have listings of their members (MU members receive a directory of contacts which include a comprehensive list of Music and Singing Teachers), Incorporated Society of Musicians has a comprehensive listing of Singing Teachers online whilst both Equity and The Association of Teachers of Singing can be contacted for advice on Teachers available in your area. (Thanks to Jeffery Davies for reminding me about these) 

To help you on your path to vocal perfection we are building lists to sites providing information and contacts to voice tutors and have started to collect a range of listings from a variety of teachers worldwide in our Singing Teachers Directory.  Details on independant classes are also available here and you can find further information, on singing and music courses, workshops, demonstrations as and when they become available. 

Singing Teachers who are seeking organisations, educational establishments or listing services and job vacancies can look forward to the opening of our new classified/job section and may currently submit a business listing to the Singing Teachers Directory.

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