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The Rooks
Aylesbury, HP219HU
Mrs Maria Scobey
Phone : 07708040011

Mrs Maria Scobey

*Tailored Lessons to suit individual needs
*All Ages and Abilities welcome
*All Genres covered
*10% Theory 90% Practical sessions
*Day and Eve slots available + weekends.
*A modern, fun approach to learning.
*Exam and Recording Opportunities.
*Log Books and Lessons Summaries

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  Grateful , 22-10-2016 09:36PM

By: Ray Coates

I am so grateful for Marias amazing vocal coaching. I have always had a love for music and have sung my own songs for years. I had major surgery and radiotherapy for throat cancer 4 years ago and wondered if I would find a strong singing voice again. What is amazing is within a few lessons I already feel I have a stronger voice. Your 1:1 sessions are great (at times it is like you can see and help me to see what is going on in my throat, diaphragm and body). I also love the group sessions SING with A BIG VOICE at Aylesburys Queens Park Arts Centre on a Tuesday evening (you are excellent with large numbers of individuals too). Thanks SO much for your guidance through my journey. I am strongly recommending your service to others as I see the physical and emotional benefits greatly - Ray Coates

  A Big Voice , 22-10-2016 09:34PM

By: Aarron Griffiths

When I first went to Maria at A Big Voice-Singing and Performance Services, I had limited expectations but immediately was made to feel welcomed, comfortable and at ease.
Maria explained what I would be learning in her sessions and what to expect. Throughout these lessons Maria covers both the practical and some theory behind singing, to help you to learn the correct techniques and how to strengthen and develop your voice yourself.
The sessions start with a short physical warmup and then we move onto vocal warmups and exercises. This also involves some controlled breathing exercises, to get your lungs and diaphragm fitter and prepared to sing at your best. Throughout the rest of the lesson, we develop previously learned singing techniques, as well as new scales, songs and performance techniques. Eventually you will be singing songs of your own choice at the end of the session so that you can see how much you are progressing. She gives you a free practice CD to listen to and vocal lesson summaries you can take home and read at your leisure so that you yet again get the best possible outcomes from these lessons.
I thoroughly enjoy every session with Maria. She creates such a comfortable atmosphere in which you can have a laugh and a joke with her, whilst working you hard, which makes you feel like you have achieved as much as possible during her sessions. Maria has enabled me to feel comfortable with my voice and taught me how my body can support it. I am continuing to develop my range, improve my vocal techniques so that I can sing and perform to the best of my ability.
I wouldnt hesitate to recommend A Big Voice - Maria Scobey to be the best person to tutor you in how to enhance your natural singing voice.

  Great group and one-to-one teaching , 01-02-2013 05:56PM

By: Maureen Gillis

S I N G with A BIG VOICE is a place where complete beginners to experienced singers can go, feel comfortable in a relaxed and friendly environment, surrounded by like minded people to develop their voices under the guidance of Maria, a professional vocal coach. Yes some people sound better than others but everyone is learning and supportive of each other. We are a bunch of people who get together just for the joy of singing whilst picking up some valuable vocal techniques from Maria . We get to suggest songs, Maria prepares them in a format we can do harmonies with and away we go. Maria guides us through any initial wobbles we may have with full proof vocal techniques and explanations. She helps us get our timings right and get our confidence up, and then away we go – singing with confidence we never thought we could have. Singing really is up-lifting. We all have a laugh every week, de-stressing from the days work (or the kids driving you nuts at home). It does not matter how lousy a day you may have had, after an hour of singing your head off, you feel great!

Marias one to one teaching is also fantastic. I come out of my one hour session absolutely buzzing becaause I cannot believe the magic Maria does to get my scared little voice out, on pitch finally and loud! Each lesson adjusts to my personal needs and how I am progressing.