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Sing with Confidence


Date Submitted: 20-09-2016 04:15AM

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Contact Name: Margeuirite Pear


Phone: 020 33 188 421



Six Days to an Amazing, Confident Singing Voice!

Embark on a journey to realising your sing dreams. For women and men of all ages and abilities.

The techniques and training of the intensive are from a holistic perspective, which includes:

Body - Develop your posture, movement, energy, breath for great vocal quality and care.

Mind – Mentally prepare for great singing with balanced emotions, centred focus, mindfulness, calm, and confidence.

Musicality – Heighten your ears to the incredible sounds of your voice in harmony with instruments and vocals. Produce fluidity of rhythms, harmonies and theories to aid in your vocal proficiency.

Voice Care - Experience the joys of singing correctly to minimise sore, hoarse or a lost voice for short and long periods of time.

Diversity – Sing your song, in your unique voice without sounding like everyone else. Blend beautifully in the choir, while maintaining your tonal uniqueness.

Daily Practice - yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Six-day practice Hatha Yoga class created by Cilica, who in addition to being a voice technician, is a Yoga Therapist, RYTP

Go forwards with techniques that enhance your practice and singing at any level.

Who should attend
Professional Solo Singers ~ Amateur Solo Singers ~ Voice Coaches and Music Teachers ~ Choir Singers, Small Groups ~ Band and Back-Up Singers

Special Needs
The intensive is open to those with Special Needs – hearing and visually impaired, as well as other challenged. Please contact Cilica before registering to make sure we can meet your needs.

Full Details . . .at the website

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Location: Windsor, Berkshire

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