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HELP me to get a qualification???

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HELP me to get a qualification???
by Debra Byrne - Friday, 20 April 2007, 1:09 PM

I have over 20 yrears experience gigging ect-No voice training and NO qualifications!! for 3 years i have run & volunteered a vocal workshop for youngtsers in my area we tend to do pop stuff0record in studios and take part at charity functions ect!! whilst io love what i do and am passionate about helping youngsters find there voices!! ( and what talent they have its luvly) i would however like to take it to a career now!!!

my workshop is not for profit and so wont pay my bills lol

how can i develope to be able to teach one to one!! do i need to haev lessons ion voive and theory to gain qualifications at 43 i am too old for uni lol

ST Admin
Re: HELP me to get a qualification???
by ST Administrator - Saturday, 21 April 2007, 5:28 PM

Hi Debra,

Whilst no 'formal' qualification is 'required' to become a singing teacher or vocal coach, it is in both your interest and that of your pupils to gain as much knowledge as possible. A qualification also gives your future potential clients peace of mind in your capabilities.

I wouldn't say you were too old to go to uni .. there are plenty of people of your age and older who do so, however, it isn't the only option available so maybe one of the others will appeal more ;-)

1. Individual training - Private tuition from a fully qualified teacher who provides teaching to exam level in voice.

2. Colleges - Provide full and part time courses in voice, theory and the teaching of voice to degree level (i.e., Institute of Contemporary Music )

3. Music organisations provide courses/workshops like the The Voices Foundation or can advise on courses available like the Association of Teachers of SingingMusicians Union, National Association of Music Educators and The Arts Council of Great Britain

4. Companies/Teachers who run courses/training in specific methodology founded by individual teachers like Estelle Liebling or Speech Level Singing (Seth Riggs).

There are also several good books that provide a wealth of research material for both teachers and students on the voice. Some of which are listed at our parent site in the Singing Instruction Books sections. Whilst these are no substitute for a qualification, there are some listed by respected authors whose works are often used as a reference source by teachers and course trainers alike (i.e., Richard Miller, Clifton Ware, Oren L. Brown etc.)

Hope this helps
ST Admin